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Located about 1.5 kilometres near the village of Barolo below the village of Novello, the zone is known as „Ravera“.

2.1 hectares consisting of 1.1 hectares of Nebbiolo, 0.6 hectares of Barbera and 0.4 hectares of Sauvignon Blanc. Only grapes from our own production are used for the wines.

We Try to Work with the Nature, not against it. 

  • Only organic fertilizers (rotten manure bought from carefully selected farmers)
  • Insecticides are never used
  • Treatment of downy mildew and Peronospera as few as possible (instead of 15 times only 4 or 5) per season.
  • The fosterage of the vines and the grape harvest are made exclusively manually by ourselves.
  • We don’t use selected yeast but only the ones which grow on the grapes.
  • Aside from a minimum of sulfides we do not add anything to the wine.
  • No fining, no filtration before the bottling.

We do not use any other treatment then sulfur and copper products to prevent the plant from downy mildew and Peronospera which creates deseases. Without doing this nobody is able to make wine! The spores of this desease are ever present. We do everything to help the plants which have to grow on an indispensible monoculture. Instead of treating 10 to 15 times a year we treat only four to six times depending on the cycles of the desease. We use the tractor only when it is absolutely necessary, and let grow  the grass between the files, and try to make the cycle of the plants life ....   The Nebbiolo plant for an example is the “Primadonna” of the vines, what we have to understand: the plant is – compared with other grapes – very sensitive as every star is. Their sprouts are thin and very long. The leaves are not as big, the grapes should grow small and their juice will be highly concentrated. In opposite to other types, Nebbiolo needs suffering instead of fertilizers, whenever high quality is requested.   We have to treat the plants with the normal products, but knowing the circulation of eventual infections we do it as less as possible. Also because we work with the grapes own yeasts – non selected ones!