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We are running all our wines and vintages after the same Philosophy:

How a Producer explains his Wines
How to form words of his own passion?

Torbido is produced only in extraordinary years. It is fermented in the classical style with a maceration of 20 – 25 days. We don’t use selected yeasts nor automatic control of temperature. With over pumping or pushing down of the treber head all 3 – 4 hours we achieve a maximum extraction of colour and aroma.

After the fermentation and a short reposal in an inox steel tank the wine is transfered to barrels of 600 litres (French oak, Allier and Tronçais, medium toast). Only part of the barrels is new each year replacing others which don’t fulfil our requirements any more. There it stays 30 – 36 months with some movements to support the natural clarifying process by sedimentation. It is bottled without filtering. After at least two years of riposal in the bottle we start selling it.

Segreto is made of Barbera grapes. Its vinification is very similar to the Torbido with a shorter time in oak barrels (26 – 30 months). Also this wine is bottled without filtration and stays at least two years in the bottle before the beginning of sales.

Sinché is made from Sauvignon Blanc. The grapes are immediately pressed in a closed bladder press and the must is transferred to an inox steel tank. After 48 hours of riposal the must is separated from the solid parts and transferred to barriques (part of it new) for fermentation. There it stays together with the yeast left over from the fermentation for 28 months. Each week the wine is brought into contact with it’s yeasts, a method called „battonage“. Then it is separated from the yeast and returns for 6 months to a steel tank. After it is bottled (no filtering) it gets two years time to mature before it is sold.